The CuratorMag has been created with the vision to provide a space that allows for an inclusive discourse on the arts. Whether these artforms be musical or visual, we want to enlighten people about all the various forms of arts that have been practised, are being practised and might be practised in the near future.

More than often, the only ones taking part in the discussion are those who are well versed with the arts. This results in the exclusion of many people, quite a few of whom feel that their lack of knowledge prevents them from having an opinion. However, we at the CuratorMag aspire to change this.

We believe that art –  of all forms – has the ability to communicate with people from all backgrounds, the ability to touch each soul in a different way. We want to create a community that is open to all. To creators, as well the curators.

For the artists, we hope to give you a space you can call your own. A place where you can talk about a spectrum of things about your art, ranging anywhere from the decisions that you have made to the emotions that may have driven you to to the experiences that inspired you as well as the techniques and methods you chose. In other words, we want to make this space all about your work and the reasoning behind it.

For the non-artists, we hope to ignite a spark in you that increases your appreciation and involvement in the arts. We want to help you acquire a new, more informed, lens of looking at the arts, so you’re able to understand the depth of each work. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what field you are from or what you believe in – we want to go beyond that and solely focus on you as an individual, one who is interested in the arts.

So regardless whether you are an artist or a non-artist, join us on our journey on expanding the reach of artworks from a grassroot level to a larger, perhaps even global, level.

Who We Are

The Curator Mag - Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh

Founder, Chief Editor (print).

Jasmeet Singh, a full time educator and a part time photographer, spends his time being our Chief Editor and controls the content for our print editions. Jasmeet firmly believes in the concept of 'quality over quantity' and is very particular about submissions that come in from our readers. So be aware while sharing your project ideas with him or the team (jk).

The Curator Mag - Shrey Sethi

Shrey Sethi

Media Strategist.

Fond of music and traveling, Shrey Sethi, is our media strategist, and is content editor for all our online platforms and website. Shrey is a journalist, has worked closely with various brands as a social media consultant. He now looks after strategic partnerships and online content circulation for The Curator.