Recently we got in touch Sachin Bhatt, a young visual artist from Bangalore, who aspires to make art for independent musicians, professionally. Read through to know more about him, his art and the processes he follows.



– Whats that you do apart from designing and whats that you aspire to do?

I’m a visual artist, so apart from design i’m very much into photography, photo manipulation, and film making. I love capturing strange moments and staging exaggerated, surrealistic photographs, cinemagraphs and short films. I’m also a musician. I’ve recorded an EP called Shifty Eyes EP that you can find online. That was over a year ago but i’ll be releasing more music soon.


– What are your favourite forms of art? Why have you chosen this medium of art?

Digital art is my favourite. I used to draw only with pens as a child, I never painted or coloured and I still don’t because I feel that it could never evoke the style or moods that were in my head. Until recently, all my digital art has been made on my small iPod Touch using my finger.


– What first got you involved in making artworks? What drives you now?

I’ve always been making pictures and messing around with new ways of representing them. I mainly work with artists and bands in the Indian independent music scene, working on their album artworks and whatnot. I recently did the artwork for bands like Black Letters, The F16s, Tangents, Oceantied, etc.

– All artists have a certain process that they follow while making art. We’d love to know yours.

My process is fairly simple and straightforward. Like I said, most of my art is inspired by music and I usually get my ideas while walking around my college neighbourhood alone with my headphones listening to some tunes. Music always triggers these strange visuals in my head and that’s what I’ll put down in my art if i’m reall vibing with it.


– Looking at current industry standards, there’s a lot of competition and lot of pressure to do better and better. How do you cope with such pressure? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I don’t really pay too much attention to what’s going on around me. I usually prefer to sit and do my own thing and I just try to push myself to go further with each new thing that i do. In five years, I hope i’m doing this exact same thing that i’m doing now; art for music!

You can follow Sachin on Instagram.

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